Baby Name Tool

Choosing a baby name can be hard. Let’s make it a little easier and use a decision making strategy tool and gamify the process.

This is not another list of baby names. There are more than enough of them. But how do you choose the final name for your new earthling from your list of favorites?

1. Create your list

It's totally fine if the list of your favorite names is long. That's why you're here.

2. Let them compete

A long lists of option make it difficult for us to decide on a single one. Especially when it already consists of the favorites. So let's break down the big decision into many small decisions in the hope that they will be easier for us.

We will play a little game where you have to choose between two names at a time. At the end of the game there will be one winner.

Last Name Standing (Quick game)
Every name has only one chance.

Tournament (Extended game)
Every name has to compete with every other name. The name which was chosen the most wins.

3. Not sure about the result?

Just play again and see if it's the same winner.

Give it a try